The photo is of Lake Manasarovar with Mt. Kailas in the background. These are two of the most important pilgrimage sites in Tibet, to Tibetan Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, and Bons. It was taken in June 2005. Contact Wayne at or

       Alaska Buddhist Center - Rimay Tenzin Ling

4448 Pike's Landing Road (UUFF building)
Fairbanks, Alaska

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2009 Schedule
Updated thru Aug  2010
 Monday Evenings - at the UU on 4448 Pike's Landing Rd

5:30p - Doors Open 

5:45p - Preliminary Prayers

6:00p - Video or Audio Presentation

15 minute Meditation

7:00p - Optional Discussion

7:30p - Closing Dedication of Merit


Everyone is welcomed!


  Dharma in Alaska
         & Canada

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